Verizon launches Nokia 2366i

Looks like Nokia's hooked up Verizon with a new CDMA handset, with the carrier now offering Nokia's 2366i phone under its InPulse pay-as-you-go brand -- and, unlike some other Nokia-branded phones on Verizon, this one's actually manufactured by Nokia, not its buddy Pantech. As the handset itself goes, the basic black 2366i is a flip-phone number, packing a 160 x 128 screen with 65,000 colors, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, and voice dialing, all in a 3.7 ounce package -- though you'll have to make do without a camera or other bells 'n whistles. Then again, it also won't break the bank, retailing for $89.99 after setup fee with no long-term contract needed to get it at that price.

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