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TurboLinux's Wizpy: bootable Linux on a PMP


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We've all seen plenty of Linux computers on a stick before, right? But check the TurboLinux Wizpy which brings all that portable Linux PC and USB mass storage goodness wrapped inside a DivX capable MP3 player. The Wizpy features a 1.7-inch OLED display, 4GB of flash memory, an FM radio, and additional support for OGG/WMA/AAC formats. It comes pre-loaded with Turbolinux Fuji and a smattering of apps such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype and ATOK input for Japan -- chewing up about 1.5GB of the total capacity -- turning just about any host into your personal Linux PC complete with cookies and customizations. The device measures in at 60-grams / 84×42×12.2mm which is about the length and width of the iPod nano but nearly twice as thick. Another model with an SD card slot is in the chute but won't be ready in time for initial launch this February when the Wizpy hits Japan for an expected ¥30,000 or right around $254.

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