Ubuntu H2 - another bootable USB Linux distro

h2 linux drive

Another day, another bootable USB Linux distro. While last week's FingerGear flash drive was billed as a "computer on a stick," the new Ubuntu H2 from Pertec is being touted as "the first Linux solution bootable on a USB Micro Hard Drive." We're not going to get into a fight over who was first (though if FingerGear and Pertec want to slug it out, we'd be happy to watch), but we do think the H2 has a couple of things going for it, including a smaller form factor, a 3GB capacity and a price of about $165, compared to FingerGear's $149 for 256MB. Of course, if you know what you're doing you can build one of these on a $50 flash drive in about an hour — and somehow, we suspect that somebody's doing that right now, and we're going to see a few of these on eBay any day now.