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ESRB and PTA are BFF


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To educate parents that video games are not the anti-Christ, the ESRB is going straight to the wellspring of over-protective parents: The Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Yeah, the PTA is actually a national organization, who knew? The PTA will help distribute 1.3 million brochures to 26,000 PTAs nationwide in an effort to "edumacate teh addults on the vijeo gaames." Apparently it is still legal to breed and propagate the Earth without taking a competency test, so campaigns like this are required.

According to PTA National President Anna Weselak, "Every parent knows how popular video games are these days, but perhaps not as many are familiar with the tools that can help them select games that are appropriate for their children." Why are parents buying inappropriate games in the first place, how much larger do the ratings need to be? When was the last time you purchased something for a child without knowing what the item did or was about? Seriously, this campaign can only lead to good and hopefully wipe out just a small bit of naiveté and ignorance around games.

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