Australia's Screen Play cuts the crap and hypothetically dishes up what Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft marketing would really say if products didn't need glamorization, and PR fluff didn't exist. Here's a snippet from the refreshingly honest yet bogus interview, if that's even possible:

What is the future of interactive entertainment?

  • Nintendo: Lots of Mario and Zelda games, obviously, and lots of waving your arms about, just as long as our engineers can come up with a stronger wrist strap. All these lawsuits from people with smashed TVs are going to cost us a fortune. Lucky we don't support those fancy high-def tellies...
  • Sony: Whatever we say it will be. The future doesn't start until we say it does.
  • Microsoft: Halo 3. And 4. And 5's going to be a real killer. It might even have a proper ending. Just don't talk about the movie, OK? The guy who wears our Master Chief suit is really shattered that he has to go back to in-store appearances at EB and Walmart instead of being directed by Peter Jackson.
We laugh because it's funny, and yet we laugh because it's true.

[Thanks JB Cougar]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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