Many owners of MacBooks and MacBook Pros (MacBooks Pro?) have been suffering with wireless connection problems, particularly when connecting to networks using the WPA security standard and third-party access points. In our own office WLAN, we've had DHCP and authentication issues with the Intel laptops on a WPA/Proxim network, while older G4 laptops connect effortlessly -- and, for what it's worth, the MBPs connect happily to an older WEP/Airport network. To point the finger firmly at a software or driver issue, the same MBPs that have troubles connecting to the WPA network when booted in OS X have nary a problem linking up when running in Windows XP via Boot Camp (a troubleshooting technique I never dreamed I'd use, but there it is).

For software problems, we look for software solutions, and Apple's update for Airport in the Core 2 Duo laptops might just help. We hope. Details on the update are thin for now but I'll test this on an MBP and see what, if any, improvements result.

[via MacNN]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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