Warrior mace spec hotfixed: fewer procs, more filling

A quick heads-up to anyone planning Warrior specs or gear: apparently the boys in Blue decided that the Warrior mace spec was proccing too often, and a hotfix is being issued "sometime soon". From Tseric:

"The proc [after hotfix] should roughly be 11% with a 3.80 speed weapon, 8% with a 2.80 speed, and 4% with a 1.70 speed.
The rage awarded should now be 6 points on proc."

Apparently the proc rate pre-hotfix was along the lines of three times as high, though it only gave 2 points of rage per proc, a third as much as it does now. So the net effect of the fix would seem to be fewer stuns, but the same amount of rage, over time (in bigger chunks). If I'm calculating correctly, the new proc rate should be about 1.62 procs per minute. For comparison, a Crusader enchant is said to proc once per minute (on average).

Any thoughts?

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.