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Wii weather channel finally launches

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We're all still without full Wii Opera browser (Nintendo dropped a line today to say it was coming this week though, on the 22nd), and the Wii news channel ain't working either, but at least we've finally got weather. As you might expect there's not a ton to see here, but aside from telling the weather it does have a pretty fly Google Earth style globe rotate-and-drag thing going on. Click on for a few pictures of the weather channel you're sure to grab first thing when you get home to your Wii tonight.

We love that the Wii IR bar shows up in our camera. Seriously, what's up with that?

Draggin' down to SoCal.

Ok, the best part of this is dragging over the Pacific to Asia and checking out the weather in Tokyo and Pyongyang. We'll let you guys discover what that's like yourselves.

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