If the X7500 "Athena" somehow managed to fail to attract your attention and you found the Vox, Libra, Love, and Cavailer positively forgettable, first verify that you have a pulse (because we really don't think that's normal) then check this out: HTC's 2007 arsenal is shaping up to be a doozy, with several previously-unknown models stepping into the spotlight. First up is the "Kaiser" (pictured top left), a follow-on to the Hermes that adds GPS -- a feature that's becoming increasingly common in high-end Pocket PCs. The "Elf" (top right) and "Panda" (not pictured) are midrange devices; they'll lack 3G radios, but the Panda's claim to fame will be a giant QVGA display that weighs in at well over 3 inches, while the Elf makes a name for itself with a fashion-friendly design and a touchpad in place of the typical d-pad. The "Wings" (bottom left) will ultimately take the torch from the Vox -- yes, the still-unreleased Vox -- by adding 3G, GPS, and a beefier processor. Finally, a new clamshell Smartphone will pick up where the Star Trek left off, rocking a GPS receiver and more wireless radios than its predecessor. If you can't find yourself an '07 HTC to your liking now, well... that's just crazy talk, but we know a Finnish outfit that might like your business.

[Via PDA247]

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