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Electrocardiogram on a laptop, just what we always wanted


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Look, this whole electrocardio business is all well and good, but we must confess our initial disappointment when we realized that the little display on the left palm rest of this laptop was no SideShow apparatus -- though we suppose you already knew how we feel about that little bit of Vista goodness that is SideShow. All the same, there ain't much wrong with this HATO NB electrocardiogram doohicky that MSI slapped onto its latest laptop. The included electrodes can be hooked up to your aesthetically pleasing lady friend, allowing the laptop to record her vitals or even allowing a doctor to remotely examine the patient. You can also print out information the gadget gathers, or place the data on an SD card for doctor perusal. The rest of the details on this thing are sadly lost in machine translation, but it looks like MSI will be showing it off at CES next week, so we'll keep an eye out.

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