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The iPhone reviewed. No, the other iPhone.


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While Apple's iPhone remains behind closed doors, with secretive minions putting the last touches on the software and the hardware peeps chuckling to themselves about the crappy EDGE data they've managed to foist upon the public, there's another iPhone out there that could very well spice up your communications life, and won't cost you $600 to do it. We're referring to the Linksys iPhone, of course, the CIT300 Dual-Mode Skype model of which was recently put through its paces by TheTechLounge. Other than the fact that the $90 handset requires your PC to be on to make calls (you could always pick up the $150 CIT400, which just needs a broadband connection, if that's a deal breaker for you), the reviewer had no problem with setup or operation, and the voice quality and signal range were both robust. The handset itself is well built and comfortable, and while it can work with both your landline and Skype calls, if you're willing to spring for SkypeOut and SkypeIn you could really save a bundle, and it sounds like you wouldn't be taking much of a hit on convenience.

[Via The Inquirer]

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