There are many phones that solicit the response as in "I want it now" -- and no handsets evoke that from many text-centric customers like a dual-hinge QWERTY email and text messaging experience. Well, if you're a fan (or subscriber) of Verizon Wireless and you paid attention to Samsung announcements at CES recently, you'll be glad to hear that the Samsung SCH-U740 is now available from that carrier (according to them). The U740 is not really a groundbreaker per se, but the dual-hinge design just took a large step further with the U740's slim body. If you run into the U740 at a Verizon store this week, drop us a comment and let us know if it's indeed in the wild. Until then, the absolute best quote from the Verizon release is this: "available in a stylish metallic champagne color with couture appeal and Ivy League brainpower." Harvard and Princeton grads -- this one's all yours.

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