christine!UK newspaper The Times has added Gran Turismo to its short list of "killer games." Sony's racing sim joins Manhunt, Carmaggedon, and Canis Canem [Edit] (but not oft-targeted series Grand Theft Auto -- or Pac-Man). GT landed on the list following the trial of two boy racers whose reckless driving led to a fatal car crash, killing 79-year-old Phylis Williams. Both men were cleared of "causing death by dangerous driving"; instead fined relatively small amounts (£1,000 and £750), in addition to having points deducted from their licenses.

Immediately preceding the crash, one of the "bloody chavs," 19-year-old Christopher Hayden, had been playing Gran Turismo (on an in-car LCD monitor) while parked alongside a road. The court seemed convinced that playing the game encouraged Hayden to engage in the impromptu race; The Times took it a step further, placing GT in the company of "killers." *Sigh* ... another game catching the blame for senseless tragedy...

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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