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Microsoft intros more Xbox 360 warranty changes


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It seems that Microsoft has found yet more room for improvement with its Xbox 360 warranty, following up last December's extension with a new round of changes today The big news this time 'round is that the company's now offering free shipping on all consoles sent in for repair, with Microsoft also sending a pre-paid shipping container to you after you put in your request for service. For consoles repaired within the original warranty period, Microsoft will now either kick back the balance of your warranty onto the repaired console, or give you an extra 90 days, whichever is longer. Those sending their console in for repair outside of the warranty will still have to pay for the repairs, of course, although Microsoft will give you a full one year warranty on the repaired console. While we're all for better service, we just hope they aren't doing this in anticipation of a rash of Elite returns.

[Via Daily Tech]

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