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Kohler, Polk team up on SoundTile in-shower speakers

Darren Murph

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It appears that the art of singing in the shower is full comeback mode, as not only do you have the option of picking up a speaker-infused shower or bathtub, but now you can retrofit your current one with SoundTiles. Co-developed by Kohler and Polk Audio, these music makers are designed to "perfectly match the shape, profile and finish of the WaterTile bodysprays and showerheads," but we don't see any reason why a slimmed down, waterproof speaker won't work just fine in your current arrangement. The device sports a "marine certified" coaxial speaker in a four- x four- inch escutcheon, a stainless steel front grill, and can be controlled by Kohler's DTV II or wired into any vanilla sound system. The SoundTiles will only be sold in pairs, but should be offered in a variety of finishes for $295 when they land in May.

[Via ElectronicHouse]

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