The Fountain HD DVDIn a week that can only be described as the calm before the storm, Warner has a few solid catalog titles for both camps, as well as the best offering this week in The Fountain. Also as expected, HD DVD titles get a DD+ audio track while the Blu-ray fans are still stuck with plain ol' DD. If audio quality is your thing, than Sony has Stomp the Yard, which happens to be in the IMDB bottom 250 of all time. The movie might not be that great, but it does include both a PCM 48kHz/16-Bit/4.6mbps) and Dolby TrueHD (48kHz/16-bit) sound track. The storm gets started next week with a total of 20 titles between the two formats, and big names such as Pirates, Apocalypto and Matrix, to name a few.

187 vs Blu-ray 220.



HD DVD and Blu-ray releases on May 15th, 2007