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Motorola RAZR 2 hands-on

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Well, it's finally here, the RAZR 2, proper sequel to the Motorola RAZR, one of the best-selling cellphones of all time. This newb's got big shoes to fill, but at least in its GSM / EDGE and CDMA variants it's 2mm smaller (sorry HSDPA fans, it's the same thickness for that flavor of 3G). For fans of the RAZR form factor, though, this is what you've been waiting for: two huge, crisp QVGA screens, Moto's JUIX Java Linux platform, 3G, HTML browser, the works. All that's yet to be seen is the price and carriers; we're guessing somewhere in the range of $500, like where the original RAZR debuted. (Also, we did spot Alltel and T-Mobile up in here.) We've got plenty of gallery shots to indulge yourself with, so enjoy.

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