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British PSPs to get voice and video calls courtesy of BT


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You lucky PSP-ownin' Brits. BT has developed custom VoIP software for use with PSPs fitted with new Go!Cams (pictured to the right). Using the Go!Cam's mic and camera, PSP punters will initially be able to make voice and video calls to other PSP users and some BT phones across the UK. Eventually, BT will distribute the software globally and allow users to call PCs, fixed line phones and mobiles from any WiFi hotspot. The new service takes advantage of BT's 21 century network (21CN) designed specifically for IP technologies. Now the bad news: while the Go!Cams are scheduled for release on 25 May in the UK, BT won't be providing any additional detail on the PSP VoIP service until sometime in August. Oh BT you saucy minx you.

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