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Is this the iPhone in the wild?

Evan Blass

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Cameraphones have never been known to snap the best photos (except for you, dear N95), and the purported 'in the wild' shot of Apple's impending iPhone that you see above is 'clearly' no different. Supposedly captured by an editor of the Geeknuz blog at a Silicon Valley restaurant, the pic is said to show an Apple employee dinging around with his unreleased handset, "taking pictures of the person he was with and...talking about the functions of the phone." Apparently the Man from Cupertino made no effort to hide the fact that he was sporting one of the most anticipated consumer electronics products in history, even responding -- albeit quite tersely, it seems -- to a Geeknuz inquiry about the lack of third-party application support. But while this whole story certainly sounds plausible, the unidentifiable device in the gentleman's hand could be anything from an old HP iPaq to a five-dollar tip calculator, so please do your duty as responsible readers and begin dropping your wild theories and baseless debunks into the comments below...

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