Wednesday night's Jobs and Gates intimate sit-down wasn't just civil, it was downright reverent -- at times even tearful. But we all imagined alternate realities and an overflow of events that might have transpired in another universe... now vote.

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Jobs and Gates sit down in an alternate reality
Jobs and Gates get in a tussle -- Walt and Kara pull them apart.433 (3.5%)
Gates and Jobs sit in awkward silence, but neither wants to talk with the other so near737 (6.0%)
Jobs and Gates announce Microsoft is buying Apple, get booed off stage1666 (13.6%)
Walt trots out Linus, things get crazy, someone loses some teeth1676 (13.7%)
Jobs presents Gates with an iPhone; Gates presents Jobs with limited-edition Zune and/or 360 Elite2121 (17.4%)
Gates and Jobs throw out all self-respect, launch into the I'm a PC / I'm a Mac routine.5589 (45.7%)