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Oral-B Triumph intelligent toothbrush makes sure you brush correctly

Nilay Patel

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Proving that adding an LCD screen and a radio transmitter are sure-fire ways to improve even the lowliest of products, Oral-B has unveiled the latest in its Triumph line of intelligent toothbrushes. The multi-head brush, which has 4 programmable cleaning patterns, communicates with a mirror-mounted LCD display that instructs you on where and how long to brush, and warns you if you're brushing too hard -- just like mom. The handle keeps track of data if you step out of range of the dispay and re-syncs when you come back to spit, so you'll never miss a stroke. Apparently these go on sale in September for $150, but we're going to stick with our Tooth Tunes -- what's a little less polish when you can brush up to The Clash?

[Via SlashGear]

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