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Ubuntu's "Gutsy Gibbon" features finalized, coming to a handheld near you


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Those of you disappointed by the "top secret" features of Leopard might want to cast your hopeful, wayward glances in the direction of Ubuntu. Here comes "Gutsy Gibbon," otherwise known as Ubuntu 7.10 whose feature-set now appears finalized with a planned October release just like Apple's big cat. Pumping the 2.6.22 Linux kernel at its core, Gutsy G will be the first Ubuntu release to include new Mobile and Embedded editions "targeted at hand-held devices and other mobile/embedded form factors." It will integrate the Hildon UI components developed by Nokia and already on display in their N800 tablet. In other words, that Sony Ericsson P990i we saw running Ubuntu likely wasn't a hoax after all. We also expect this to be the first distribution to feature the recently merged, Compiz/Beryl windows manager for desktop users. Mmmm, eye candy. So prepare your houses and disk allocations -- October 18th is the scheduled release.

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