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DHS, Boeing in hot water over SBInet border security delays

Darren Murph

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A mere two months after hearing that Boeing's sensor towers passed initial tests with flying colors, the firm -- along with the Department of Homeland Security, no less -- is now facing severe criticism from lawmakers. The reason for the sudden turn of events stems from the duo's inability to "keep officials up to date on deployment slips for a virtual fence in Arizona," and moreover, they made no mention of the apparently substantial problems at a June 7th hearing. Dubbed Project 28, this $67 million SBInet first phase is now sliding even further beyond the scheduled June 13th launch day, and the DHS' credibility is reportedly "being questioned" after repeated mishaps along the way. Ah well, that's what the volunteers are for, right?

[Via The Register, image courtesy of Musgrave]

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