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Microsoft hit with another class-action suit over scratched 360 discs

Nilay Patel

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Reports of Xbox 360 consoles scratching discs have have been widespread for several months now, leading the EU to launch an official investigation into the matter -- and Americans to deal with it Uncle Sam style: by filing lawsuits. Mirroring the Florida suit filed earlier this month, two California plaintiffs have filed a class-action suit against Microsoft, alleging the negligent design of the 360 causes damage to game discs and asking for damages in the neighborhood of $5M. Based on how widespread this issue seems to be and the legs it's had, expect to see some speedy settlements involving a lot of tedious paperwork for affected consumers and a lot of green for the plaintiff's lawyers.

Disclaimer: Although the author of this post is an attorney, it is not meant to be legal advice or analysis and should not be construed as such.

[Via Joystiq]

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