iPhone on T-Mobile's German site: Das Neue Kult-Handy!

Yup, more anecdotal evidence in support of that iPhone deal with T-Mobile Germany. The image and text above, which translates to "the new cult cellphone," are currently available from the T-Mobile.de site via the links below. Though, we have the feeling they'll be gone in just a few short minutes of this posting. Of course, that's just the old, pre-YouTube iPhone image with the 9:41 time setting and Cingular text scrubbed clean. Now come on Apple, how 'bout a European iPhone announcement already, this is getting ridiculous.

Update: Oh my, another graphic was found by Brainbug in the comments: available "starting 1st November," kids. Image after the break.

Update 2: Another image showing "starting 1st August" has now been uncovered by reader Jerome. Hedging your bets are we T-Mobile?

Update 3: Er, the dates from the previous updates are being auto-generated from the URL. Duh.

[Via MyITablet]

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