South Park DVD set includes WoW trial

Our good friends over at Joystiq are reporting that when the 10th season DVD set of South Park drops on the 21st, a WoW trial disc will be included in the box.

Kind of a weird choice, considering that the game's portrayal in the Emmy-nominated show isn't exactly flattering (or, realistic, though it does look cool). The episode is even featured on the cover, bloated acne-scarred Cartman and all.

But you never know-- clearly Blizzard is looking for all kinds of ways to promote their game (I can't imagine what lengths they'll go to when the movie comes out in a few years), and maybe this, the mob of South Park DVD-buying fans, is just what they need to hit 10 million. You probably don't need a trial disc (they are available for free or cheap in many places already), but in case you want a copy of the season in which the kids save the world... of Warcraft, it's up on Amazon right now.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.