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Optimus Prime PC case mod stands nearly seven-feet tall

Darren Murph

It's one thing to create a Transformers-themed machine that doesn't actually, you know, transform, but to assemble a fully customized Optimus Prime PC case that morphs from a menacing computer into a full-fledged robotic destroyer deserves extra kudos. Pennsylvania's own John Mangus spent some 300-hours over the course of a year building his Optimus Prime machine, which amazingly stands in at six-feet, ten-inches in height and weighs 125-pounds. It's so big, in fact, that the backs of its legs actually house lockable compartments large enough to cram keyboards (and probably printers) into. Quite honestly, this thing would be impressive without a hint of PCB residing within, but be sure and click through for another angle of what's possibly the most coveted case mod we've seen in recent memory.