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Toshiba recalls yet another batch of Sony batteries

Evan Blass

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In the latest development to the story that never seems to die, Toshiba has issued a recall on yet another batch of Sony-made batteries, with the latest offenders having shipped in Satellite A100 and A105 and Tecra A7 models sold between January and April of last year. Although there are only about 1,400 affected packs, this is the third recall by Toshiba since the whole unfortunate matter began, with the company's total now standing at 851,400 by our count -- and that's not including the 300,000-some they recalled for an unrelated power issue, also last year. C'mon guys, it's been almost a year since Dell got the ball rolling on this thing (and nearly as long since Sony promised an end to the fiasco); let's get it sorted already, yeah?

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