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Avurt's IM-5 launcher provides serious personal security

Darren Murph

Mace is so last century. These days, you're not really lookin' out unless you're packing a C2 stun gun, or now, an Avurt IM-5. This pistol-like device can reportedly launch "up to five PAVA filled projectiles at attackers up to 40-feet away," and will cause an assailant's "nose, throat, and eyes to burn." Notably, this non-lethal weapon has never been associated with a death, and comes in black, blue, red, or pink color schemes. The IM-5 is available for $299, which will buy you the weapon, ten "practice rounds," a carrying case and a training DVD, and any orders placed now should ship out by the month's end.

[Via Gizmodiva]

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