Thanks to Microsoft Office Live Communications Server I send a lot of time logged into Microsoft Messenger for Mac. Overall I have fairly positive feelings towards Messenger, but there was one thing that really burnt my biscuits. though to be fair it wasn't really Messenger's fault. Ever since installing Safari Beta 3 on my Mac closing any Messenger window would result in the program freezing, requiring a Force Quit to make it usable once more (I assume some change in WebKit was throwing Messenger for a loop) . Luckily, Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.3, released today, fixes this issue. 6.0.3 also "includes improved performance during file transfers and improvements to Kerberos authentication. It also introduces support for the Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian languages."

Sadly, my two major gripes with Messenger:
  • No ability to set a note while using a corporate account
  • The long winded 'don't give your credit card numbers to people on chat'
Still aren't fixed, as least the second one is easy enough to clear up.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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