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Palm Treo 500 gets dressed for September 12 announcement

Chris Ziegler

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Okay, we suppose it might not be as silly looking as we'd originally thought, but let's be honest: would this be your first choice for a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device? Yep, that's right, we said "Standard," meaning there's no touchscreen in the cards for Palm's latest and greatest device, a distinct departure from Treos of yore. So yeah, anyway, if this document turns out to be legit, the long-rumored Gandolf is going to end up christened as the Treo 500 when it's announced for Vodafone on the 12th. 3G data will thankfully be in tow, too, though there's no word on whether it'll be HSDPA or plain ol' UMTS. Not bad, but seriously, there are plenty of solid WM6 Standard handsets in the pipeline from manufacturers big and small. Best of luck, Palm.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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