Sony's new A810 and S610 series Walkmans have just barely made it out the door, but it looks like the company has already decided to shave a few bucks off the price of 'em. According to the Sony Style website, the A810 now starts at $120 for the 2GB model (as opposed to the $140 launch price), while the 4GB will set you back $150 and the 8GB demands an even $200. The S610 series, on the other hand, now starts at just $100 for the 2GB model (down from $120 before), with the 4GB and 8GB coming it at $130 and $180, respectively. The Walkman B100 series, introduced around the same time as the other two, looks to be the only one unchanged, costing $60 for the 1GB version and $80 for the 2GB.

[Thanks, Raw32]