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Don't worry, iPhone hackers: Apple doesn't hate you


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It's really an ethical dilemma for the ages. On one hand, you love your shiny new Apple toy so much, you just have to hack in new functionality, on the other hand you can't bear to think that the mighty Steve Jobs thinks ill of you and your hacker ways. Well now you can finally put those fears to rest, because Apple's Greg Joswiak has officially confirmed a "neutral" stance on the iPhone hacking issue. That is to say, Apple doesn't plan to maliciously attempt to break native, third-party applications in forthcoming firmware updates, but at the same time Apple won't go out of its way to ensure those updates don't break third-party applications accidentally, and certainly isn't offering support to the hackers of any kind. We'd say it's a step above "frenemy," but not quite to the point where Steve'll be demoing Jailbreak at his next keynote.

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