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3G iPhone coming early next year?


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Steve's response to our question about the lack of 3G on the iPhone was kinda reasonable -- battery life is a major issue on current 3G chips -- but that doesn't mean the technology isn't improving rapidly. According to The Street, we could see an iPhone with a 3G capable chip by the first quarter of next year. Of course, Apple declined to comment -- they never talk about future products -- but we wouldn't be surprised if the company dumps a proper HSDPA / UMTS device onto the market around that time, and Steve Jobs did make it pretty clear that 3G battery life constraints should be lifted by "later next year," and that 2nd and 3rd gen iPhones are certainly in the works. We seriously hope they come sooner than later: EDGE + WiFi is a horrible compromise these days, what with 7.2Mbps mobile connections starting to pop up around Europe.

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