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Netgear presentation lends insight into future products

Darren Murph

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While Netgear certainly boasted about its current range of peripherals, routers and switches during a recent conference, a few presentation slides enabled us to get a brief look at what's coming next from the firm. 'Course, we're already aware of several Q3 launches -- including the SPH200W Skype WiFi phone and a number of Wireless N routers -- but Q4 and beyond hold some pretty interesting treats. On the docket are such niceties as the WNHDE111 Wireless N HD Bridge, WN111 WiFi USB dongle, EVA7000 Digital Entertainer Plus, and the EVA8100 Digital Entertainer HD. Moreover, it looks like Netgear is also planning a new array of smart switches and ReadyNAS drives, so if you're interested in diving into all sorts of corporate hoopla, the read link awaits your attention.

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