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WiPower touts breakthrough in wireless power


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While it's far from the first to claim that wireless power is just around the corner, upstart WiPower looks to at least have some numbers to back up its boasting, and it also has the University of Florida in its corner. According to the two, their system not "approaches commercialization," but actually "exceeds the efficiency of most corded chargers." More specifically, they say that, "in a laboratory environment," their system achieves an efficiency of about 68%, a number they think could eventually reach 80%. That's opposed to the median efficiency of 58% found in many corded power supplies today, some of which drop as low as 16%, according to WiPower. While the company isn't quite ready to say exactly how close to commercialization the technology is, it apparently plans up the ante significantly within the next few months, when it says it'll "leapfrog" the competition by demonstrating the system charging a laptop computer.

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