Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that yesterday afternoon Blizzard rolled out their in-game voice chat system to a huge number of realms (183, by my count). And what this means to you is that, as of yesterday afternoon, you should have had access to voice chat. But I'm seeing reports on the functionality of voice chat that vary wildly. Some players think Blizzard made a mistake of epic proportions when they implemented the feature, and that it needs to be removed immediately. Some found the game unplayably laggy since its implementation. Others praise its quality. So now, I'm asking for your opinion on the current state of voice chat functionality -- how well did the roll-out go on your realm?

How did the voice chat rollout go on your realm?
Flawless -- I didn't notice any problems, and I'm already chatting with my guildmates!516 (19.7%)
The realm seemed a bit laggy, but it was playable.641 (24.5%)
Was the World Server up at all last night? I couldn't even log on!404 (15.4%)
I don't care about voice chat!1059 (40.4%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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