2007 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the desktop OS: between Vista's much ballyhooed and better-late-than-never launch (and subsequently pending SP1 release), Apple's behind-schedule but super hyped release of Mac OS X Leopard, and unlikely upstart and fan fave Ubuntu's forthcoming Gutsy Gibbon launch. So, what's it gonna be?

OS war, 2007: pick it
Apple's OS X Leopard32134 (45.3%)
Screw Leopard, I'm sticking with Tiger1896 (2.7%)
Microsoft's Windows Vista9120 (12.9%)
Screw Vista, I'm sticking with XP13523 (19.1%)
Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon7664 (10.8%)
Screw Ubuntu, I'm using another distro and/or BSD, etc.1692 (2.4%)
DOS FOREVA!1740 (2.5%)
I hate operating systems. Punch cards for life.3197 (4.5%)

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