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No guy in a coma, no missed iPhone launch, no kidding

Peter Rojas

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Didn't think we'd have to bother debunking something this obviously satirical, but about a zillion people have tipped us today with a link to a post on iPhone Savior about "Geoff Evila," who reportedly went into a coma in early June, causing him to miss the iPhone launch he had been so eagerly awaiting. He awoke from the coma four months later, and supposedly his close friend "Steve Denots" convinced the local Apple store in Chandler, Arizona to help recreate launch day for him so Geoff could experience what he'd missed.

Sounds totally plausible, like the kind of filler you see every night on local TV news, right? Yeah, well besides all the obvious markers that this is a joke -- "Evila" is "Alive" spelled backwards, and the author's name, "Earl Sorel" is an anagram of "Real Loser" -- the pic accompanying the post was actually taken on launch day at the Apple store in Dallas. Yeah, it's definitely been slow around here today.

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