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Jeff Zucker says iTunes deal only netted NBC Universal $15 million


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Not that it comes as much of surprise given recent developments, but NBC Universal's Jeff Zucker is clearly still none too pleased about the company's deal with Apple, as evidenced by his recent comments at a benefit for Syracuse University. According to Variety, Zucker lamented the lack of flexibility on pricing, and the fact that NBC U wasn't able to get a cut of Apple's hardware sales, saying that "Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content." He also dropped the bomb that the iTunes deal netted NBC U "just" $15 million in revenue, despite the fact that NBC's programming accounted for 40% of video sales on iTunes. Not coincidentally, all of this comes on the same day that NBC Universal (and its partners) launched the beta version of, which it hopes will provide some competition to iTunes, not to mention be better for its bottom line.

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