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Amazon's Kindle ebook reader delayed until end of the year?

Nilay Patel

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Although it hasn't had the buzz of some other longstanding rumors, we've heard a lot about Amazon's Kindle ebook reader over the past year -- everything from FCC pics to tagged content to a supposed October 15th ship date, which came and went with nary a peep from the etailer. Now Brad Stone at the New York Times -- who predicted that ship date to begin with -- says that his sources have told him that the Kindle has been delayed (shocking), but will still make it out by the end of the year. Stone also says Amazon is still perfecting the service and wants to have as much Kindle-ready content (Kindling?) available at launch as it can -- and that the built-in EV-DO modem will pull down content over Sprint's network. That's news to us, but until we actually see this thing we're going to take our Kindle with a large grain of salt.

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