Time for your dose of Korean MMO-ness.

Nexon, a publisher of MapleStory, talked to Gamasutra about the upcoming MapleStory port for the DS, and about an XBox 360 port of the thus-far-Korean-only PC MMO Mabinogi. MapleStory DS development is going well and should see a Korean release in mid-2008. It will probably come to the West some time after that. The game is similar to the PC version, but only supports four players via Wi-Fi.

Mabinogi is a traditional anime-style MMORPG. It's had some success in the Korean market but no exposure at all in North America or Europe. Nexon plans to port the game to the XBox 360. As Gamasutra points out, the Korean market for the XBox 360 is extremely small, so we may be able to assume this means the 360 version of Mabinogi will be arriving in Western markets somewhere down the line.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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