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NuVo releases Wireless USB Syncing Device for NV-M3 Music Server

Darren Murph

Those not deterred by the NV-M3 Music Server's rather steep pricetag may be interested in knowing that a hard-wired connection is no longer necessary, making the previously unattractive device a bit more palatable. NuVo's Wireless USB Syncing Device (NV-USBW) enables the NV-M3 (pictured) to be installed without regard for where the user's PC is, as the Wireless-G connection that is provided enables PlaysForSure tunes to be streamed sans cabling anywhere within the home. That being said, we sincerely hope you didn't expect this thing to be cheap -- otherwise, the $399 pricetag for the NV-USBW is likely to be a real stunner.

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