Well, I'm afraid you've missed the deadline for entering this week's caption contest. (But never fear -- there will be another chance to win soon!) But you still have a chance to voice your opinion on which of this bunch of captions are the best! The WoW Insider staff has carefully examined every entry and narrowed the list down to ten finalists. (This week, surprisingly heavy on Griftah jokes.) And now your votes will determine which of them walks away with a 60-day gamecard or a class t-shirt of your choice from J!NX! For those curious about the contest's official rules, please read them here.

And remember, voting closes on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST, so if you have an opinion, be sure to make your vote count!

Who's the winner of our caption contest?
Griftah said this thing was supposed to summon Puff the Magic Dragon276 (7.3%)
I CAN HAZ ORK?334 (8.9%)
There'll be meat on the table this Thanksgiving - but six months' worth of leftovers.48 (1.3%)
/chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken273 (7.3%)
The expansion was less than fortuitous for Onyxia. Now she has to leave her lair to feed.354 (9.4%)
Crap. I left my Toyota Tundra in the bank!766 (20.3%)
Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons - for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup231 (6.1%)
This Draco-Slay-O-Matic Sword better be worth the 1000g I paid Griftah...254 (6.7%)
You know... you look alot different in your myspace photo.433 (11.5%)
Hey guys, I think my epic flight form just crit!796 (21.1%)

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