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How can a little white box be so bad? Nintendo has become the first electronics manufacturer to post a goose egg in Greenpeace's sixth issue of the 'Guide to Greener Electronics,' which ranks 18 top manufacturers according to their policies on toxic chemicals and recycling. While Wii may come out pure and petite, the console is berthed from a foul process mired in substances like brominated flame retardants (the kinda stuff that turns turtles to ninjas). According to the report Nintendo has no timeline for toxic chemical elimination and makes little effort to recycle its products. Tsk, tsk.

Also anchoring the rear, Microsoft has scored a pathetic 2.7/10 for delaying its plans to eliminate harmful chemicals from its production process to 2011 and maintaining a subpar recycling program. And Sony? Well PlayStation faithful, there is finally something to cheer about: Sony ranks #3 in the Greenpeace guide with a promising 7.3/10, backed by a strong US recycling campaign. It may be the biggest, blackest behemoth on your shelf, but in the games industry, appearances can be deceptive.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

Greenpeace: Nintendo bad for the environment