We've heard scattered reports of MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard problems dating back for centuries, and while it sounds on the surface to be a fairly inconsequential problem in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem to be going away. So to figure out if this is just a few squeaky wheels, or indeed worthy of a torches and pitchfork party over in Curpentino, we'd like to imploy our super-scientific polling process and put it to a vote. For the uninitiated, the problem manifests itself in many ways, and was present before Leopard but showed up in more machines after the Leopard upgrade. Symptoms can include randomly skipped letters (specifically the first letter), fully frozen keyboards, funky capslock or numlock, and mild indegestion.

MacBook keyboard problems, anyone?
Nothing to report here, I'm just living life to the fullest9367 (26.2%)
Maybe something funky happened once or twice, nothing regular4480 (12.5%)
Yes, I have a MacBook and my keyboard hates me5853 (16.4%)
Yes, I have a MacBook Pro and my keyboard hates me and my money4307 (12.0%)
No, I have a PC, and it brings me nothing but joy8183 (22.9%)
This poll was a waste of time, but I'm always up for a good riot3558 (10.0%)

[Thanks to all the squeaky wheels who sent this in]

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