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Is this the Sony Ericsson Z660i?

Chris Ziegler

We keep wavering between "we hope not!" and "we hope so!" in response to that question, but for the time being, the answer is under lock and key in a Sony Ericsson lab somewhere. We'll say this much: legit leaks out of Europe's number two manufacturer have come fast and furious this year, so we really wouldn't be terribly surprised if this one -- codenamed "Becky," they say -- turns out to be the legit Z660i. Rumored specs put this one on the upper end of Sony Ericsson's midrange with a 2 megapixel cam, 14mm shell, 3G, and some sort of wacky, stylish keypad design. Stay tuned, folks.

[Via Cellpassion and Se-Society]

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