Free character moves for Oceanic realms

In what must be extremely welcome news to players down under, Blizzard is offering free character transfers from overpopulated Oceanic realms starting today, Thursday, December 20th until December 27th or until transfer goals are met.

Because they will close the transfers early if necessary, Drysc highly recommends that if you are planning to move your characters that you do so as soon as possible. If you wish to take advantage of the free move, go to this link, where it will ask you for your account info before proceeding.

Blizzard has also opened a new PvE realm, specifically for this transfer. New character creation on Caelestrasz will be turned off until the transfers have been completed.

The eligible Oceanic realms are listed after the jump.

Source Group A (PvP)

Destination Realm A (PvP)

Source Group B (PvE)

Destination Realm B (PvE)

*Caelestrasz is a new realm. Character creation for this realm will be turned off for the duration of the transfers.

I have often read that the Oceanic queues are unbearable. Hopefully people will take advantage of these transfers to reduce them.

If you are an Oceanic player, will you be moving your characters?

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.