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Mustek's PF-i700 digiframe rocks an iPod dock

Darren Murph

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Granted, you may have assumed that an iPod wouldn't be caught dead snuggling with a digital photo frame, but strange though it may be, that assumption has just been proven wrong. Mustek's PF-i700 inelegantly combines Apple's darling with a 7-inch digiframe, giving house guests a perfect opportunity to squint at the iPod's screen rather than focusing on what's really important. Nevertheless, the unit sports a 480 x 243 resolution panel, stereo speakers, a headphone jack, USB port and support for SD, xD, MMC and Memory Stick / MS Pro cards. 'Course, you can purportedly play back videos and photo slideshows stored on your iPod too, but you won't be snagging one until next March when it lands for $129.99.

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