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HP MediaSmart Server getting security, media streaming updates

Darren Murph

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For those who've overcome the stereotype and admitted HP's MediaSmart Server into your abode, we applaud you. Apparently, HP thinks pretty highly of you as well, as it's gearing up to beam out a number of software enhancements to its iconic Windows Home Server-based device. First up is the addition of integrated server-side anti-virus software, which will be provided by McAfee but will only remain free for the first seven months. More interesting, however, are the updates involving PacketVideo technology and 64-bit Vista support. Apparently, the former will "enhance the media streaming process from the server to other digital media devices in the home, such as the MediaSmart TV," and it will also add "advanced graphics such as thumbnails of photos, in-menu browsing and album art." As for the latter, HP simply informs us that 64-bit Vista support will be added in. When can you expect the goods? Look for the whole lot to be delivered automatically sometime next month.

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